Hello my dear Maïteas!

Welcome to 2022 , a year full of new challenges for me and Rosa Maïtea who is starting her second year of life!

After the first months full of surprises, ups and downs and adventures, I am embarking on this second year happy, serene and full of confidence in the future. One of Rosa Maïtea's values ​​is Joy against all odds, the desire to see the glass half full and life in color.

And yes ! we will continue in this positive state of mind despite the uncertain times.

The results of this first year are very rich and I wanted to share it with you:

❤️ The creation of the Rosa Maitea brand, the culmination of what I am today, my values, my experience and what I want to convey.

❤️ The launch of the first La Bonne Etoile collection and its great reception by the Rosa Maitea community: 24 models that shine in our hearts.

❤️ Participation in 5 popups including 4 in Paris and 1 in Madrid where I had great meetings with our customers, the popup organizers and other brands!

❤️ 2,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook who give me their opinion and every day give me the energy to continue my adventure.

❤️ A corner at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and the satisfaction of obtaining the Go for Good label from the Galeries Lafayette group for more responsible fashion.

❤️ A real relationship of trust and respect with our partners .

❤️A turnover which allows us to continue this adventure with even greater conviction.
In 2022 , we will continue to dream, to dare, to attempt with audacity, because as Goethe said “Audacity has genius, power and magic”. One last thought, the one that guided our steps this year: “Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do”…

A big thank you to everyone who helped me make Rosa Maïtea's dream come true. There are many of them and I feel extremely grateful and moved when I think of them.

And above all, Maïteas, don't forget... "Spread love, always"!

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