Size Guide

Size Guide

The measurement of a ring size is very accurate. We recommend that you follow the instructions below to get an accurate measurement:

  1. To know your size, bring one of your rings but be careful that this ring corresponds well to the finger on which you want to wear your Rosa Maïtea ring, because the size varies from one hand to another. Print this entire page, making sure that the "Scale Paper" or "Adjust" option is unchecked. The ring sizer must be printed to full size.
  2. Check that the ring sizer has been printed to the correct scale by measuring the line below with a ruler. This should be exactly 10 cm in size.
  3. Place the ring on the circles of the paper ring sizer. When the circle touches the inside of the ring, it is the correct size. The outer contour of the circle should be perfectly aligned with the inner contour of the ring. The ring touches the edges of the circle while revealing it entirely.

If you are hesitating between two sizes, we advise you to take the larger size. If you have any doubts or questions, contact us on +33 (0) 6 81 48 71 74 and we will help you.

If you wish to print the ring sizer, please send us an email to receive it in PDF at the following address: or download it My ring sizer in  pdf!


The print must be made on a 100% scalePrint
 this line, it must be 10 cm

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