Diamonds are eternal, but they are not inexhaustible. Their geological formation in the heart of the earth takes several billion years, and the pace of global demand is depleting available resources.
Rosa Maïtea is committed to sustainable jewellery by recycling diamonds from existing jewellery. Of course, the design of our jewellery must adapt to the shapes and sizes of the diamonds available, but we make this constraint a creative challenge to offer you a new vision of diamonds, magnified by the authenticity of our commitment. "Rosa Maïtea recycled diamonds respect nature and humanity
Discover the different stages of diamond recycling:

The Origin of Diamonds

At the origin of our approach, we initiated a partnership with our manufacturer workshop to create a real upcycling sector.  The diamonds from unsold or broken jewels returned to the workshop are upcycled in order to give these gems that have lost none of their beauty a new life!

"Crimping": a gesture of precision

When these jewels reach us, we carefully preserve their gold and diamonds. We carefully recover the diamonds by carefully setting them.  The brilliance and purity of diamonds remain unaltered, as they are made of carbon, the strongest natural material in the world.

The advent of a new know-how

The establishment of an innovative sector dedicated to the recovery of diamonds makes it possible to distinguish recycled gems from those extracted from mines. Naturally, our reserves of recycled diamonds are not infinite, which gives our jewelry its rarity and uniqueness.

Upcycling Diamonds: A Sparkling Renaissance, Ethical Luxury

Rosa Maïtea's creations come to life by ingeniously selecting the most inspiring diamond cuts and shapes. Each of these gems is carefully set again, giving these diamonds a second chance to shine and warm hearts.

The (terrible) diamond mines

Diamond mining has a heavy environmental impact, marked by high carbon emissions, high water and energy consumption, waste generation, deforestation, and the creation of the largest craters on Earth. In addition, frequent accidents occur in these mines.

Despite the efforts of the diamond industry, the "blood diamonds" that finance armed conflicts persist and fuel underground economies. Rosa Maïtea rejects any involvement in the perpetuation of these conflicts and in the deterioration of the environment

"Rosa Maïtea recycled diamonds respect nature and humanity"