"Love at first sight, or stroke of fate: Jewellery embodied everything I loved: colours, the beauty of art, the transmission of know-how, tradition combined with innovation, the creation of precious and symbolic ornaments passed on with love, and out of love. But behind the enchanting brilliance of gold and diamonds, a completely different story would soon appear.... "
JE SUIS PATRICIA, Créatrice de Rosa Maïtea

I was born in Bilbao, in the Spanish Basque Country, a beautiful territory marked by the wild beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and steeped in an ancestral culture. I was 12 years old when my parents moved to Mexico, to Guadalajara on the shores of Lake Chapala. And there... I was amazed by the vividness of the colours, the omnipresent flowers, a cheerfulness and a cultural abundance so rich that it still inspires me today. This experience shaped my personality and awakened in me a passion for travel and discovery

Over the years, I have continued to explore the world, meeting incredible civilizations: from India to Italy, from Malta to Peru, via Vietnam. I have precious memories of each of these destinations, their aesthetic treasures, their craftsmanship and the wonderful moments of humanity they were able to offer me.

After completing my law and finance studies in Spain, I set sail again and embarked on a career in Los Angeles, London, Madrid and finally, Paris. Paris, to which I have always felt close since I was little, I listened to my grandfather, a great lover of France, tell me about Paris.

I ended up settling in the City of Light where I specialized in luxury marketing within major houses. It was there, as Director of the offer and image of a French jewelry house, that I discovered a fascinating universe.

Patricia tells us...