Comment on crée les bijoux ?

How are jewelry created?

Hello Maïteas ,

In my last newsletter I told you about the progress of my project until confinement...

After the emotional shock and astonishment, I took advantage of this special moment to take time for myself and think about what comes next with Rosa Maïtea.

I took my colored pencils and sketched the jewelry I had always dreamed of. One motif immediately stood out to me: flowers !

Photo sketches.jpg

I love flowers, I always have a seasonal bouquet at home. In addition, it is moving and symbolic for me to be able to pay this very special tribute to my own Rose. But, I wanted them to be... unique. And where did my inspiration come from?

Maïtea_moddboard_creativity 4.jpg

Here is one of the mood boards

From my childhood and from Mexico. When I was 12, my family moved from Bilbao to Guadalajara, a very pretty town next to Lake Chapala. There, daisies grow everywhere: in the city, in the middle of streets, in gardens... In addition, here in France, daisy is the name of the classic engagement ring.

It was obvious to me: I wanted to revisit the traditional engagement ring in a starry daisy, colorful and updated.

Drawings of joyas.png

Yes, I agree with you…I don’t know how to draw!
But don't worry, these are sketches which will be interpreted by the manufacturer to make professional drawings representative of future jewelry, which has also evolved!

After confinement, everything miraculously opened up and I found the perfect workshop which is currently making my first collection.

In the next newsletter I will tell you about this workshop and show you the final drawings in preview, exclusively for you!

Stay warm my dear Maïteas.

See you next week !


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