Comment recyclons-nous nos diamants ?

How do we recycle our diamonds?

Today, I'm going to tell you about the diamonds we use to create our jewelry: recycled diamonds , a major innovation in the jewelry sector.

What is a recycled diamond ? It is a real diamond, extracted from the earth, which had a first life and to which we are offering a second! Made
of the hardest and most resistant material in existence, carbon , diamonds retain all their brilliance, even when recycled.

This is how it happens…

Our creation workshop, a partner of the largest jewelry houses, recovers broken jewelry, unsold jewelry, etc. The diamonds are removed and are then identified, traced separately from the others and reserved for the creation of Rosa Maïtea jewelry.

As you can easily imagine, stocks are not unlimited and that is why our jewelry is rare and unique . This solution certainly limits the design possibilities of our models because we have to adapt to the sizes of diamonds available, but it is a real choice on our part!
We are proud to have participated in the creation of this recycling sector and to thus make our contribution to stopping the exploitation of our planet.

We wholeheartedly thank our workshop who supported us in our commitments from the start of this adventure. You now know more about Rosa Maïtea’s recycled diamonds…

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the subject.

See you soon my dear Maïteas.

And remember, spread love, always! ❤️


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