Nos CONSEILS d'entretien de vos bijoux

Our ADVICE for caring for your jewelry

If you have purchased or received a Rosa Maïtea piece of jewelry, you are now part of our beautiful community . We hope that it gives you complete satisfaction and that you wear it with pride and happiness.

You deserve special attention: you are one of the Rosa Maïtea ambassadors from the first days and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust.

This is why I am speaking particularly to you today: I would like you to participate in the development of our new models, I would like to inform you of the preview launches, to give you advice on maintenance of your jewel, and much more in my next messages…

Let's start with the maintenance tips for every day!

Beyond the little everyday scratches that bring life to your jewelry, the more you take care of it, the better it will age. Indeed, your jewelry is fragile objects and everyday activities can damage them.

Here are some tips to help you maintain their shine:
  • Take them off to sleep. You will feel lighter and your jewelry will remain safe from possible knocks during sleep.
  • Avoid wearing them when playing a sport or an activity requiring handling objects that could scratch them, such as gardening.
  • Remove your rings when washing your hands, doing dishes or cleaning and when using chemicals that can dull their shine.
  • Also remember to take them off when you go to the swimming pool or the sea.
  • When you are not wearing them, store them in a case or in their original pouch. If you are traveling, also be careful not to put them all in one case : they can scratch each other and become damaged.
And to clean them?
On a daily basis, dust and impurities accumulate on the back of the stones and prevent light from passing through, which can make your jewelry dull and less shiny. You just need to clean it approximately every 3 months for it to regain its shine.

How to do ? It’s super simple!
1- Leave your jewelry to soak in lukewarm water with a little dishwashing liquid for an hour or two, or even overnight.
2- Then rub it delicately using a very soft toothbrush to reach every nook and cranny and remove all traces of dust.

With this, your jewelry will regain all its shine and shine like the first day!
I am taking advantage of this email to appeal to you... Indeed, some of you have contacted me to tell me about their Rosa Maïtea experience and to send me photos of themselves with their jewelry. Nothing pleases me more than seeing you wearing one of my creations and seeing the joy in your eyes!

Don't hesitate to send me some too, and if you agree, I will post them on Rosa Maitea's Instagram account!

I kiss you and above all don’t forget… “Spread love…always!” »

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