I am fascinated by the beauty of a simple ray of sunlight which multiplies on the stones into a multitude of colorful, iridescent rays...

Yes ! Jewelry fascinates me... I have traveled the world in search of quality stones: Rubies, emeralds, diamonds... from Thailand to Madagascar, from Antwerp to Bangkok, from Jaipur to Italy... It has been for me a constant wonder...

But everything changed the day I discovered the darker side of this world of light and colors: the terrible reality of mines, the inhumane conditions of extraction, their impact on nature... this awareness completely blew me away!

Jewelry evokes love, beauty, eternity… but how is this possible if it is at the expense of human lives and the planet?

It was at that moment that I decided to embark on this crazy project: creating my own line of ethical jewelry, so that the gesture of love of giving a piece of jewelry extends to all those involved in its production.  They celebrate the small and great joys of existence and they must respect life from start to finish.

Hello, I am Patricia Pereda, the creator of Rosa Maïtea, the first French brand of ethical and joyful jewelry that is 100% traceable.

My vision is simple : to bring light to this opaque world by making jewelry with recycled gold and diamonds, and traceable stones.

These materials are indestructible, why continue to dig into the earth to extract them? Let's give them a second life!

I am convinced that we can help change things. Of course, it won't be perfect overnight, the challenges are too vast, but contributing to more transparency is a first step, a first ray of sunshine which, I hope, will multiply.

This is the start of a real adventure and I invite you to follow it alongside me…


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