L’illustration de Rosa Maïtea

The illustration of Rosa Maïtea

Illustration Studio Grandfather Rafaela Mascaro.JPG

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you the story of the illustration that gave life to Rosa Maïtea.

One day, while browsing Pinterest for fashion illustrations from around the world, I came across a studio with a French name: “ Studio Grand Père”. I immediately loved the colors, the joy and the love of women that emerge from his illustrations. Because of its French name, I thought it was located in France, but no! It is located in Brazil, and more specifically, in Sao Paulo . I contacted him straight away!

The artist behind these illustrations is called Rafaela Mascaro. She is an angel of gentleness and attention, and it is together that we designed this illustration which takes place in my living room, with my paintings, my blue sofa, my plants, etc.

The two girls chat, laugh, drink cocktails and wear Rosa Maïtea jewelry. They are the Maïteas , free, committed, in love, full of life, courage…. LIKE YOU.

I'll see you soon on Instagram and Facebook Maïteas.
Loads of love and be safe!

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