La nouvelle bague Margarita en édition limitée

The new limited edition Margarita ring

I am pleased to present to you the first Rosa Maïtea ring in a limited edition of 10 pieces:

Rosa Maïtea’s Margarita

For its creation I was inspired by traditional French engagement rings, the famous daisy of our mothers and grandmothers that we love so much.

In order to make it more contemporary I revisited it by adding many vibrant colors and our signature: the heart engraved on the back of the ring

The center stone is a tourmaline from Namibia , and the stones surrounding it are our precious garnets and spinels from Tanzania . And of course, like every Rosa Maïtea piece of jewelry, the ring is made from recycled 18-carat gold.

Discover the Margarita

We offer it in yellow gold and rose gold, for pre-order.

Beautiful tourmaline from Central Namibia has a mesmerizing pale pink color, with a size of 12mm x 10mm and a weight of 4 carats.

She’s beautiful, I don’t look at her anymore!

You may be wondering, right now, how can I have it?
You can discover this jewelry in our showroom located in the 9th arrondissement by making an appointment on our site or by contacting me by private message ( ). A meeting by videoconference is also possible.

Then, we will be present from May 16 to 21 at the Point Physique Pop-Up, located 54 rue de Bonaparte.

You can also, in a rush of emotion, acquire it on the website . This needs 6 weeks to be created by our workshop.
Discover the Margarita

I hope you like it as much as I do.

And please don't forget... Spread love always!

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