La réalité des mines de diamants

The reality of diamond mines

Hello Maïteas ,

While reading our latest newsletter, you may have wondered how we would help make the jewelry industry fairer? More beautiful ? Best ?

I will tell you how the extraction of precious stones and metals takes place and I will then explain the solutions that Maïtea has put in place for responsible obtaining of each of these resources. Because this is indeed our subject and the great drama of traditional jewelry: the raw materials and the unthinkable conditions that accompany their extraction.

Let's start with the essentials: diamonds .

Diamond mines have a very strong environmental impact.

Here is one of the most famous mines on the planet, the Diavok diamond mine in the Canadian Arctic. Huge !

Here is one of the most famous mines on the planet, the Diavok diamond mine in the Canadian Arctic. Huge !

To extract diamonds, these mines produce very high carbon emissions. They use large quantities of water and energy, generate a lot of waste, deforestation and are at the origin of the largest holes on the planet!

To obtain 1 carat of diamond we must extract 250 tonnes of mining waste, the weight of 4 planes!

From a human point of view, extraction takes place in miserable working conditions and generates numerous accidents.


“Blood diamonds” which finance civil wars are the cause of numerous atrocities and continue to exist despite the efforts of the diamond sector. We must not hide it: the diamond trade still too often finances dubious and dangerous parallel economies.

What solution do we provide? the use of recycled diamonds! We have established a partnership with an artisanal workshop which recognizes itself in the values ​​of Maïtea and has agreed to set up expressly for us, for you the Maïteas, a new channel for recycling diamonds cut from jewelry from jewelers around the world. entire.

Photo diamond-01-1024x838.jpg

This choice certainly restricts the design possibilities of our pieces because we must adapt to the sizes of the diamonds available, but it is a real decision not to contribute to the exploitation of the planet and human lives.
In my next newsletter I will tell you about gold and precious stones.

Stay tuned my dear Maïteas !


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