Le nom de la marque évolue…

The name of the brand evolves…

The evolution of logos

The evolution of logos

Hello Maïteas ,

Autumn is coming, it’s the time when we don’t really know how to dress, when we catch colds easily….

I have news for you my dear Maïteas.

I decided to change the name of the brand...

Yes, it was a sudden revelation, an epiphany that I had while walking in the Palais Royal, this garden that I love so much. As some of you already know, my mother left us last Christmas, after a 10-year battle with cancer.

The gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris

The gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris

Her name was Rosa .

You see what I mean ?

ROSA MAÏTEA , “Rose the beloved” in Basque.

She was a pillar for all of us, an inspiration, she was cheerful, happy and she loved life so much.

A flower name, international, sonorous, a link with pure, unconditional and deep love. A tribute to my mother, to all mothers, who will accompany us throughout this new adventure!

How do you like it ? What does this name mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts. You can write to me directly and give me your opinion.

Don't hesitate, I'll be more than happy!

Photo heart 1.jpg

Lots of love for the Maïteas !

PS: I would like to thank Inmaculada Urrea , the queen of branding who helped me tell you the story of Rosa Maïtea and build her brandbook.

By the way, do you know what a “ brandbook ” is? It is a document that presents in a simple and coherent way the DNA of a brand, its personality, its ethics, its values ​​and its visual identity through concepts and images.

This document will accompany Rosa Maïtea throughout her growth and will help her stay on course for all the major stages and decisions of her life. It will also help our future partners to understand it better and faster.

Back to Inmaculada… She created a unique technique based on the archetypes, super effective and interesting. She is an expert who can help you too create your own brand. But not just any brand: a brand “that comes from the heart”, as its motto says.

Thank you “all my heart” Inmaculada.

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