Pochettes upccylées de Rosa Maïtea. Réalisées par Sophie La Tapissiere à la main avec le recyclage de ses rideaux.

Rosa Maïtea’s upcycled bags

Today, I want to tell you the story of the Rosa Maïtea jewelry cases. Packaging is the final step in purchasing a piece of jewelry, what remains in the memory... They incorporate a number of clues about the approach and world of the brand's creator. And it is often the most difficult object to convert to the green .

For me, the most important thing was to imagine eco-responsible packaging that had both a minimum environmental impact and a positive social impact, while being consistent with the brand's history and the high level of requirements. of my clients.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple! And yes… small projects necessarily take a back seat to big ones! I started working with 3 manufacturers who, after months of work, dropped me one after the other. Some simply didn't respond to me and still others required order minimums that were unattainable for a small brand ☹!
And then one day… I had the chance to meet Sophie la Tapissière” , the magician who created for us, by hand, in upcycling & made in France fashion , the delicate cases made from luxurious recycled fabrics.

This is the story…
It all starts with meeting Sophie Masson , a woman with magical hands and a heart of gold, a luxury upholsterer. When I told her about my project, she immediately had the idea of ​​making bags with the scraps of the most beautiful fabrics she uses for her creations, real UPCYCLING!
Perfectly in line with Rosa Maïtea's recycling philosophy and level of quality, she makes each pouch by hand and with love ❤️ with fabulous silks in the colors of Rosa Maïtea, one by one, without visible seams. Each piece is unique.
Here is Sophie designing Rosa Maïtea’s bags

And to give the final touch of magic, she uses trimmings pompoms that she collects from her creations. Everything is “upcycled” like our recycled gold and recycled diamond jewelry!

Here are our pretty bags: what do you think?

Moreover, if you need an exceptional upholsterer, do not hesitate to contact Sophie : everything she does is of exceptional quality!

Many thanks Sophie for the quality of your work, for your creativity and all the love you put into making the Rosa Maïtea bags! ❤️

See you soon for new adventures, the Maïteas.

And don't forget...spread love, always!


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