Le timing des commandes de Noël

The timing of Christmas orders

My dear Maïteas,
That's it, it's already autumn... The coolness is setting in, we're taking off our pretty bare feet, putting our tights back on, the leaves of the trees are taking on their most beautiful colors for, I hope, a beautiful Indian summer !

I'm already going to tell you about Christmas!
Yes, I know, it's a long time away... But I'll explain why: it takes our workshop 5 to 6 weeks to make a piece of jewelry. And yes, it's impressive the number of steps necessary to manufacture a part: 3D modeling and printing, casting, crimping, polishing, all with extreme precision.

And when we think of Christmas… we think of gifts of course!
If you want to offer a Rosa Maïtea piece of jewelry for Christmas, you can pre-order it to have it on time, without stress. This way, we will really have the time to make the jewelry of your dreams in your size, with the gold you want: yellow, pink or white and the stones you want.

I kiss you.

And above all, don’t forget… “Spread love, always!” »



* Pointphysique: 10 rue du Four, Paris 6th from October 24 to 29.
* Rosa Maïtea & Leftlovers : 10 rue Jacob, Paris 6th from November 14 to 27
* Band of Sisters: 10 rue du Four, Paris 6th du

* The Reunion: Gran Hotel Palais Royal.; November 24 and 25
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