Les mines d’or

Gold mines

Hello Maïteas ,

Now, let's talk about illegal gold mining .

They destroy lives and devastate the environment: to extract gold more easily, tons of mercury, cyanide and toxic metals are used which poison miners, the waters of rivers and lakes and, ultimately, communities. close to extraction areas.

These toxic products enter the earth and never disappear.

In Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon, thousands of illegal mines like this are exploited. If the subject interests you you can watch  here  a very interesting report. 

In Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon, thousands of illegal mines like this are exploited. If you are interested in the subject you can watch a very interesting report here .

Today there are excellent initiatives such as the certification of “Fairmined” mines. particularly in Peru and Mongolia, which significantly reduces the human and environmental impact of gold extraction.

But this certification still only concerns a few mines, that is to say 350 kg of gold per year while world production is around 3,300 tonnes...


When Maïtea was created, we began thinking about the use of gold from Fairmined certified mines, but we chose not to contribute to the exploitation of our planet.

Did you know that to make a simple ring it is necessary to extract 2 tonnes of waste, to use 5000 liters of water (that is to say 16 days of water use for a French family) , for 40 kg of CO2?

Our solution? Recycled gold!

Foto pure-recycled-gold-scrap-451.jpg

The gold that we have chosen to use comes from a recently established sector which recovers gold from the jewelry sector and various products.

Gold is magical, it can be transformed and recycled endlessly! In addition, we like the idea that the gold we are going to use has already had a life...

In my next newsletter I will talk to you about precious stones and fine stones.

Stay tuned my dear Maïteas !


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