Nos premiers bijoux Rosa Maïtea

Our first Rosa Maïtea jewelry

In this post, I will continue to tell you the story of the creation of my first jewelry collection...

After extensive research, we finally discovered the workshop of our dreams, capable of meeting our specifications: using recycled ethical gold and diamonds and traceable precious stones.

Maitea's re-creation island photos.jpg

This workshop located in Mumbai, India, is run by a family who pass on the secrets of the jewelry craftsmanship from generation to generation.

They have obtained the certificate from the “Responsible Jewelry Council”, an international organization which creates standards of responsibility for all jewelry. Its members help transform supply chains to be more responsible and sustainable. It's still slow, but it's progressing...

India, as you may know, has a long tradition of jewelry craftsmanship. Some of you may have seen the magnificent exhibition at the Grand Palace of the Maharajas' Jewels.

From the first contact, they believed in my project and did everything in place to find relevant solutions to the problems we encountered. Even if for the moment Maïtea is still in management, they bet on its success, and I am very grateful to them.

That's it ! My dream was really starting to come true: I would be able to launch the first ethical jewelry brand with recycled diamonds.

Maïtea_moddboard_creativity 3.jpg

Here is one of the mood boards

The process of creating a piece of jewelry is very long. For what ?
Because every detail can completely transform the final result and as the materials used are precious and expensive, each change impacts the final price.

I drew the first models that I had in mind on the theme of flowers that I told you about in my last Newsletter and I sent them to the workshop that modeled them. Here they are !


We have created 2 collections:
- one in recycled gold and recycled diamonds
- another in 100% traceable recycled gold, garnets and spinels

Numerous back and forths allowed us to adapt the drawings to our specifications and finalize them using a CAD (computer-aided design) which allows us to obtain a rendering quite close to reality.

The price is calculated based on the weight of the gold used, the stones and the processing but it is only known precisely at the time the order is placed, depending on the price of gold.

Here is the final result of the ring at the heart of my first collection:

Cad flower ring CS.jpg
Cad flower ring CS 2.jpg

What do you think ?

On manufacturing: Would you have preferred jewelry Made in France? or Made in Europe? Do you think that the Indian origin of the creation could contribute to the success of Rosa Maïtea or, on the contrary, harm it?

On jewelry : What color stones do you prefer? The one on the left or the one on the right?

Do you want to see them in real life?

And in your opinion, what is its price?

I'm waiting impatiently for your answer.

Lots of love !

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