La talentueuse influencer et journaliste Valerie Tribes et Patricia Pereda la créatrice de la marque de joaillerie éthique Rosa Maïtea

PODCAST by Patricia Pereda on the mysteries of ethical jewelry

Do you want to go behind the scenes of ethical jewelry with me?

Come listen to the podcast that the talented journalist Valerie Tribes made for me for her digital magazine Fashion Gasoil .

You can like directly on the photo.
You can download it and listen to it in the morning while having coffee, on the subway, in the car, or while doing sports!

Many thanks Valerie for the quality of your work, for your creativity and all the love you put into the Rosa Maïtea podcast interview! ❤️

See you soon for new adventures, the Maïteas.

And don't forget...spread love, always!


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