Tout sur l'or recyclé de nos bijoux

All about the recycled gold in our jewelry

Hello Maïteas!
Today, I'm talking to you about the gold that we use to make our jewelry. Unlike other metals, gold is a subtle yellow with complex reflections, a shiny appearance and lots of sparkle. This is why it has always been considered the precious and noble metal par excellence.

But did you know that gold mining is a scourge for humans and the planet?

"To make a simple ring , it is necessary to extract 2 tonnes of ore waste and use 5,000 liters of water , the equivalent of 16 days of water use for a French family …”

In addition, gold is extracted using toxic metals , cyanide and mercury, which contaminate the environment around the mines, leading to the disappearance of certain animal species and having numerous impacts on the health of the communities living nearby.

At Rosa Maitea, we have chosen to use 18 carat recycled gold . Gold is one of the rare materials that retains all of its properties without experiencing the slightest alteration after being melted. It can be recycled endlessly while retaining all its beauty. Gold is therefore eternal… it melts in a process of perpetual recycling.
Although it currently costs more than non-recycled gold, we have chosen to use it to respect our commitments and our values.
The recycled gold used by Rosa Maïtea comes 100% from old melted jewelry. We thus offer a new life and a new identity to old jewelry.

See you soon my dear Maïteas,

And remember, spread love, always! ❤️

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